Vtek Elektrik Ith. Ihr. San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

is a fast growing electrical material manufacturer located in Istanbul – Turkey. VTEKE Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Wide range of Digital Multimeter, Current Transformer, Energy Analyzer, Cam Switches, Voltmeter, Ammeter & more. We are specialized in low voltage measurement devices. Our product portfolio is growing all the time according to the leading standards, ensuring accurate and safe measurement instruments are our primary objective and a crucial element in achieving progress and prosperity. We are there to help you across the globe and to offer you advice & information about our range of products. In addition, we work with you to develop the best possible solutions for your specific requirements. We are on hand to make your visions come true

Quality Policy

* To meet changing and developing customer needs in a timely and best way, to increase and maintain customer satisfaction,

* To closely monitor and implement technological developments that will increase the quality, reduce expenses and increase the profitability,

* To keep the understanding of team spirit and team work as one of the basic elements of our company culture,

* To make the services we have undertaken flawless,

* Continuous training to be given to the staff, to solve the work in error-free time and at every time by using new technologies,

* Taking the principle of continuous improvement as a pioneer and producing new techniques

General manager