VK-V72Digital Voltmeter 72 x 72
VK-V96Digital Voltmeter 96 x 96
VK-V72-TDigital Voltmeter 3-ph, 72 x 72, Selector
VK-V96-TDigital Voltmeter 3-ph, 96 x 96, Selector
VK-V96-T2Digital Voltmeter 3-ph, 96 x 96, 3-display


Accuracy:±1% (at 10%-100% of the full scale)
Ambient temperature (operation):-20 C ~  +55 C
Operating Altitude< 2000 m
Ambient Humidity (operation):15% – 95%
Weight:0.3 kg max
Insulation Class (Front Panel):IP41
Depth :44.7 mm (low depth)
Panel Hole Size91×91 (VK-V96, VK-V96-T, VK-V96-T2), 68×68(VK-V72, VK-V72-T)
Operating Voltage (Un):150-260VAC
Operating Frequency:1-400 Hz
Operating Power:<4 VA
Input Measuring Range:0V-300V (other options are available)
Wire Thickness:1.5 mm2

96×96 case

72×72 case